Monday, September 12, 2005

PC(USA) News Release Number 05468 -- The Sheep That Are Lost

PC(USA) News Release Number 05468 -- The Sheep That Are Lost:
"...“About all I can say is, I don’t know where my people are,” says the Rev. Tom Oler, who has been working at the South Louisiana Presbytery office in Baton Rouge because he can’t stay at his house in Metairie and there’s a tree on the roof of his church.

Twice he’s driven into the old neighborhood for quick inspections, but what was once a one-hour trip now takes six. Traffic lights are out. Only one lane is open, and it’s clogged with troops. It all adds up to slow.

Oler’s clerk of session is in Houston, his treasurer in Baton Rouge. A member of his session is headed for Louisville, but right now is still in north Louisiana. The director of the preschool is rumored to be in Mississippi, but Oler can’t reach her by phone.

Everyone else is who knows where...."

These people need our support and prayers. It is hard to imagine what these congregations must be going through, yet it could happen anywhere.

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