Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Blogging from Internet2

I attended the New World Symphony presentation, but Hurricane Rita interfered with the demo.

The New World Symphony, based in Miami Beach, is a framework for symphony musicians to attend workshops, master classes and individualized instruction using video conferencing. Unfortunately the studio of the New World Symphony had been evacuated earlier Monday due to the approach of Rita (which has passed the Florida Keys, and is now a category 4 hurricane heading toward Galveston.)

Instead we saw and heard a HDTV session with a cellist and her professor from Northwestern University. It was quite impressive. She played the Praeludium from the Sixth Suite for Unaccompanied Cello. Those who know that piece can appreciate the technical expertise required to play it -- as well as the hurdles an effective video conference must overcome to show it.

Video conferencing has been around a while, but it seems that HDTV video conferencing over the internet is here.

I probably won't bore you again with Internet2 proceedings, as most of the sessions I am attending have to do with authentication and authorization issues with middleware applications. It's time to mosey on back to the sessions now the the break is coming to an end.

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