Thursday, January 10, 2013

Beowulf Meets Godsylla

Beowulf Meets Godsylla:
"Meanehwæl, baccat meaddehæle,     monstær lurccen;
Fulle few too many drincce,     hie luccen for fyht."
I stumbled across this a day or so ago, but I could not remember where, so I googled it and found this.  The article has a link to the original source, a book on, which I intend to add to my already too large queue of reading material.

Your mileage may vary, but I found this hilarious.  As one who has made efforts of wading through Beowulf n the original Klingon, it displays the structure of Beowulf (i.e. each line with two sections along with alliteration)

Tolkien geeks may note the the Book of Unfinished Tales has several chapters written in Old English, including much of what was eventually published as The Sillmarillion.

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