Tuesday, February 08, 2011

'A religious revolution' - CharlotteObserver.com

'A religious revolution' - CharlotteObserver.com:
"These times we live in have been called a lot of things. But perhaps the most surprising description came Sunday from one of the country's leading religion scholars.

'The most exciting time in Christianity ... since the 1st century.'

Yes, even more thrilling than the Protestant Reformation, Philip Jenkins told about 75 people at Charlotte's Westminster Presbyterian Church.

The reason: The staggering growth in the number of Christians in Asia, Latin America and especially Africa - a phenomenon he called 'a global religious revolution' and one that 'reverses a trend that people had been used to for several hundred years. ..."
Philip Jenkins has written extensively on the growth of the Church in what is referred to a "The Global South". Many see the center of worldwide Christianity moving rapidly away from the western world and into Africa.

Jenkins points out that Christians in such places as Africa are often to the left of the Democrats when it comes to social issues, but significantly more conservative than many US Christians when it comes to theological and moral issues.

The Christian message resonates with those who have been oppressed or who live in poverty -- much like the Followers of Jesus in the First Century A.D.

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