Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Magnetic Polar Shifts Causing Massive Global Superstorms - Salem-News.Com

Magnetic Polar Shifts Causing Massive Global Superstorms - Salem-News.Com:
"(CHICAGO) - NASA has been warning about it…scientific papers have been written about it…geologists have seen its traces in rock strata and ice core samples…

Now 'it' is here: an unstoppable magnetic pole shift that has sped up and is causing life-threatening havoc with the world's weather. ..."
Anyone who reads topographical maps has ween the diagram on the bottom edge that points to true north and magnetic north, and if you are like me, have maps of the same region that are 40 years apart in their publication dates, knows that true and magnetic north are not equivalent in most parts of the world. And they also know that the difference between the two has changed over the years.

Close to 40 years ago, in college, I took a number of courses in geology, and one of the many interesting things I learned was that the magnetic poles are constantly shifting and have actually reversed many times in geological history. The recent acceleration of the shifting of the magnetic pole suggests that a reversal may be on its way.

What is more significant is the effect the the Earth's magnetic field has on weather patterns, and the increasing chances of "super storms" and climate changes of regions of the world.

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