Thursday, April 03, 2008

Presbyweb: Moderator Candidates Answer "What is the Gospel"

Presbyweb has been a valuable resource for years, providing news and commentary about not only the PC(USA), but the Church in the world. Its offerings are available by subscription (and the user still gets to pay what he or she feels the service is worth). A thirty day trial subscription is available.

In a welcome departure from the lists of questions provided by various interest groups to all the moderatorial candidates for the upcoming General Assembly, Hans Cornelder asks one simple question: "What is the Gospel?". The moderator has limited power, does not define policy, does not administer the bureaucracy of our denomination, but IS the "public face" of the PC(USA) for many people. He or she must be able to clearly define why we have come together as a body calling ourselves the Presbyterian Church (USA).

In its April 1, 2008 edition, Presbyweb listed the responses of all four candidates for Moderator of the 218th General Assembly:

Carl Mazza
Bruce Reyes-Chow
Roger Shoemaker
Bill Teng

What I read opened a window on the candidates' minds. I have formed an opinion, but I will not express it here. The commissioners who will make the decision need to be able to deliberate and pray without pressure.

I hope to hear more such questions being asked, and I thank Hans Cornelder and Presbyweb for setting a standard.


Stushie said...

Hmm, no mention of sin or redemption, more on being blessed and strengthening our relationships. All the candidates sound a wee bit too much like Oprah for me...

Denis Hancock said...

I would agree with you on three out of the 4 candidates, but one of the candidates seems to come fairly close (and he does actually mention sin).

Viola said...

Stushie I usually agree with you, but one of those candidates shines like a star. And I am almost certain its the fellow Dennis is pointing to.