Thursday, September 27, 2007 A’s played last KC game 40 years ago A’s played last KC game 40 years ago:
"Forty years ago tonight, a young Jim Hunter — the fans called him Catfish — was in the zone. Bottom of the ninth, two outs. The frustrated White Sox had managed just three hits and no runs.

Was it heat? A change-up? Whatever: Chicago first baseman Tom McCraw liked what he saw and took a hack at Hunter’s offering.

Pop-up, foul territory. The game, second of a doubleheader at Municipal Stadium, 22nd and Brooklyn, was over.

McCraw and his teammates left the diamond disgusted. Losing both games to the lowly Kansas City Athletics all but eliminated them from the 1967 pennant race.

Hunter and his teammates walked from the chilly night air into a different kind of immortality: It was the last game the Kansas City A’s would ever play in Kansas City."
Forty years may seem a long time, and there is a whole generation of Kansas City Royals fans who have only a vague idea, if any, that the Oakland A's were ever in Kansas City. (I can't remember hearing them called anything but the Kansas City Athletics; did the "A's" moniker come later?) But the fact remains that the Oakland team is perhaps the one team most disliked by the folks in Kansas City.

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