Friday, August 17, 2007

Female Korean Hostage Forfeited Freedom for Colleague

Female Korean Hostage Forfeited Freedom for Colleague:
"A Taliban militant said Wednesday that one of the hostages had foregone her chance of freedom to allow another captive who was more ill to be released.

The spokesman for Taliban commander Abdullah Jan, who only identified himself as Masoom, said he was unable to recall the name of the woman who sacrificed her freedom.

“Their names are very difficult to remember,” said Masoom to The Korea Times. “All names are alike with the difference of a few characters,” he said. “This is why we can’t remember them.” ..."
I have to wonder what Masoom must feel as he reflects on this act of selflessness. I hope and pray that this brave woman will be released soon, with the remainder of the hostages.

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Rev. Brian Carpenter said...

We could pray that Masoom feels the intense wickedness of his vile religion and asks the Koreans about Christ.