Friday, April 27, 2007 | Students grapple with religion in college | Students grapple with religion in college:
"With more than 21,000 undergraduate students, MU has more than 21,000 different religious backgrounds. Combining unique individuals from all over the world, each with their own dreams and values, causes ideas to form and beliefs to be reevaluated according to new revelations and experiences.

College is the first time many young adults are on their own and learning to create the lifestyle that best suits them. When students leave home, it might be the first time they’re surrounded by crowds of individuals who are grasping a new sense of freedom. This freedom causes some to question what they believe, which can include their religious beliefs.

Sophomore Deanna Boggs grew up without fully understanding the meaning of religion. But thanks to a good friend, she discovered what Christianity means to her during her freshman year at MU. ..."
This fairly-written article covers the main religions which hold Abraham in common, as well as a student who chose no religion at all. Coming as it does from the student newspaper at the institution where I work, I am pleasantly surprised to note the even-handedness of this article's treatment of how students at MU deal with their religion -- or lack thereof -- when they leave their homes and move into a sometimes difficult environment.

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