Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Creators Syndicate: Johnny Hart - In Memoriam (1931-2007)

Johnny Hart - In Memoriam (1931-2007):
By Rick Newcombe, President and Founder of Creators Syndicate, Inc.

"Johnny Hart was a towering genius among cartoonists. He had a profound influence on my life ... and on the lives of all syndicated cartoonists. Johnny stands out as one of the kindest, most generous, patient and all-round decent people I have ever known. ..."
Here is a fine tribute to Johnny Hart, who recently died at the age of 76. Along with written contributions from many cartoonists and others, there are a number of cartoons marking Hart's passing. Here is one to give you a flavor of what you'll read when you head on over to the Creator's Syndicate website:

Gary Varvel, April 11, 2007
Click on the image to see more of Varvel's work

Johnny Hart was also a Presbyterian.

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