Sunday, November 26, 2006

Grace and the Angler

Coffee Groundz in Sugarland, Texas was the venue for a pleasurable meeting between Quotidian Grace, her husband El Jefe, and Mr and Mrs Reformed Angler. (I know, anybody who pays attention knows our real names, but we'll go with the blogging names).

QG and El Jefe had flown in from Florida about noon, so we set the rendezvous for 4:00 PM in Sugarland. It was a simple drive from my parents and we converged on the coffee shop within minutes of each other.

Our conversation ranged widely on topics as diverse as sports, renaissance festivals, our respective families and, of course, the PC(USA). One regret is that we never touched on one of El Jefe's and my mutual interests -- the Civil War -- but I hope that if we meet again we can remedy that.

I have now met three Presbybloggers -- Mike Kruse, whom I have known for over 20 years; Beau Weston, whom I met a few years ago before either of us were blogging; and Quotidian Grace, who is the first blogger I have met first through blogging activities. It is certainly a pleasure to be in such company.


Quotidian Grace said...

El Jefe says that next time we get together that Civil War stuff comes first!

Denis Hancock said...


Grant's Memoirs are my current project.