Tuesday, July 11, 2006

The Lure of Theocracy - Christianity Today Magazine

The Lure of Theocracy - Christianity Today Magazine:
As we flee decadence, we must watch where we step.
by Philip Yancey

"I recently attended a gathering called Sounds of Hope, which brought together Christian leaders from predominantly Muslim countries such as Egypt, Lebanon, and Jordan. Listening to their reports of life as a beleaguered minority in a turbulent region got me thinking about the interface between Christianity and Islam.

Several years ago a Muslim man said to me, "I find no guidance in the Qur'an on how Muslims should live as a minority in a society and no guidance in the New Testament on how Christians should live as a majority." He put his finger on a central difference between the two faiths. One, born at Pentecost, tends to thrive cross-culturally and even counterculturally, often coexisting with oppressive governments. The other, geographically anchored in Mecca, was founded simultaneously as a religion and a state. ..."
Here is a thoughtful piece on some of the historical differences in how Christianity and Islam developed, and why their approach to loving society seems so different.

This is a strong caution to those Christians who long for a society where the law enforces a single standard on all, and where dissent is not tolerated.

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