Sunday, November 08, 2009

Ill. Prosecutors Seek Journalism Students' Grades - ABC News

Ill. Prosecutors Seek Journalism Students' Grades - ABC News:
"A Northwestern University professor and journalism students who spent three years investigating the case of a man convicted in the 1978 killing of a security guard believe they have evidence that shows prosecutors put the wrong man behind bars. But in the quest to prove his innocence, they may have to defend themselves, too.

Cook County prosecutors have outraged the university and the journalism community by issuing subpoenas to professor David Protess seeking his students' grades, his syllabus and their private e-mails. ..."
This story has been out for a few days, yet it still boggles the mind. I suppose I could get snarky and note that this is, after all, Cook County, but I suspect that prosecutors all over simply don't like to have their convictions scrutinized.

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