Tuesday, May 05, 2009

Surgery Today

I report to Same Day Surgery late this morning for a 1:03pm session with my podiatrist. It should go well, and I will have some enforced leisure the remainder of the week and maybe into next week.

I think I will let them put me into la-la-land for this one. The nerve block will prevent any pain during the procedure, but I think I will pass on the sound effects this time around.

I may actually get a chance to do a little blogging this coming week.


MB said...

Denis: You will have to tell me what this surgery is all about? Is it bunion surgery? If it is please let me know. Going off to la la land will be so easy! One minute you are talking to them and the next minute you are back to the living. Not a long enough rest! ;)
Prop up your surgical foot and blog away! Take care.

Denis Hancock said...

The surgery was to repair a hammer toe, which was pressing down on the sole of my foot from the inside, thereby aggravating a blister that just didn't want to heal.