Monday, April 20, 2009

Sinfully proud

Sinfully proud:
"At the risk of sounding unstylish and out of step, I’m sinfully proud to be a Presbyterian.

Yes, Marj Carpenter goes around spouting that refrain, and folks in her presbytery wear shirts that quote her, but so many of us treat that just as “Marj’s thing” and go about our business of running the denomination’s name into the ground.

I need not recount the many reasons why so many of us feel so disappointed with one aspect or another of the Presbyterian Church (U.S.A.). The reasons are legion. Many of those things bug me, too. But I’m still sinfully proud to be a Presbyterian. ..."
Interesting article. Jack Haberer points out the perception that people have when they hear members of the PC(USA) trash-mouth their own denomination (and admits to doing it himself from time to time). As a leader, though, he sees himself as someone who promotes what is right about the denomination.

This does not require that one gloss over the very real problems we have at all levels, but that we give credit where credit is due -- and much of that credit goes to the people in the pews who do what the Lord requires quietly and effectively.

And I suppose he can use Marj Carpenter's signature line -- as long as he is as strong an advocate for mission as she is.

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