Friday, December 26, 2008

Where is the Cyber Hymnal?

[UPDATE - 12/27/2008]
MB noted in the comments that the Cyber Hymnal is back. It's certainly good to see this important resource available again.

I ordinarily go to to look up the words to hymns, but that domain name seems to have been taken over by a company that offers vacations, insurance, online dating, and so on. I wonder if someone forgot to pay the registration for the name?

That would be too bad, since they have been around since the mid 1990s providing an excellent reference for those interested in hymns and their history.


Larry said...

I emailed them and got the following response:

"We are sad to report that our domain name has been hacked. We are trying to reach our Web hosting company ( to fix the problem, but so far they have been unresponsive, despite numerous phone calls, pages & e-mails. It seems they may be a one-man company with no backup. We're going to give them a little time to fix problem, but if this drags on very long, we'll have to look for a new Web hosting service.

Please pray that that God will show us His will on how to proceed."

Brent Hobbs said...

This is good to know, I was wondering the exact same thing and this blog came up as a Google search result.

Denis Hancock said...

Google is amazing. This posting was up less than a day, and already people are able to answer questions about what has happened to Cyber Hymnal.

Thanks Larry and Brent for your input.

Judelia said...

Yes please hurry and fix it. I was quite sad tonight when I saw nothing on the site. And it was my birthday too. lolol

MB said...

I went there now...I guess they got it fixed in the last 2 days.

Denis Hancock said...

Thanks, MB.

I hope you and your family had a great Christmas.

Anonymous said...

I, too use CYBERHYMNAL almost daily. It is an excellent resource. I regret the hacking of the name, and problems you've encountered. I understand very little of the "cyber terms," but an able to klutz through the applications I need. I do appreciate your site, and hope your diffculties are short-lived. Paul

Anonymous said...


If you know anyone using Word.Net, tell them to find another company to do business with.

From what I can tell, they took the sweat and tears of the man that spent 15 years putting together the Cyber Hymnal piece by piece and are not using it for their greedy gains.

Here's what I figure happened:

1) jumped on the domain name once it expired.

2) It hit the owner of Cyber Hymnal by surprise, but because domain laws are what they are, there was nothing he could do

3) Word.Net took ALL the hard work this man did and is not using it for their own greedy gain. Notice how EVERY page now has advertising! For all these years, the pages never had any ads.

It's horrible that a company that claims to serve God is only using God's name for stuffing their pockets!

Spread the word. Cyberhymnal needs to go back to the original owner.

Anonymous said...

When I did a google search for Cyber hymnal, I FOUND them. This is copied from their page:

Established 1996
“Make a joyful noise unto God, all ye lands.” Psalm 66:1
Many have asked what will hap­pen to the do­main name “” the le­gal owner (Word.Net) is un­will­ing re­lin­quish it, so we can’t use the old URL. In ad­di­tion, our site search fea­ture will not be ful­ly func­tion­al un­til search en­gines have had time to re-in­dex the site at its new URL.

Please spread the word about the new URL & ask Web sites to up­date their links! God bless…"

Thought I would pass this along. God Bless.