Tuesday, September 23, 2008

It's a Little Late, Royals

I've noted with mixed feelings the fact that the Kansas City Royals have been doing much better than they did, in say, August when they were 7 for 27 or .259.

Thus far, in September, they are 13 for 20 or .650. Their last 10 games show 8 wins.

If they had played in May, June, July and August the way they're playing now, they'd be heading for the playoffs. (yes, I know the season began on March 31, but they actually did reasonably well leading off this season -- .444 for March and April)

Come on Royals -- we know you can do it!


Reformed Patriot said...

You're a mountain man reenactor? That's awesome!

Michael Kruse said...

It appears that they will at least finish with less than 90 loses. That mid-season meltdown killed 'em. Guess I'll have to turn my attention to the Cubbies.