Wednesday, August 20, 2008

MLB, umpires approve instant replay | News

MLB, umpires approve instant replay | News:
"Major League Baseball has signed an agreement with the World Umpires Association, approving the implementation of instant replay for disputed home run calls sometime before the end of the season, one of MLB's top officials told on Wednesday. ..."
Thus far it seems that this will be limited to disputed home run calls (i.e. near the foul pole), but I wonder if this may lead to other disputes. Like did the runner touch first before the ball hit the first baseman's glove?

Help us all if the strike zone gets instant replay. Sometimes the home plate umpire is the only thing that gives a game any personality...


MB said...

If they did a replay of the strike zone, there would be no need for the ump behind the plate. Then they would use the instant replay to see if the player would be safe or out at homeplate. Whether the tag came before the player touched the plate. Baseball needs to be fun again.
I used to go to watch the Royals play alot in the 70's and the 80's. But now, I'm just not that interested any more. Baseball is just so slow and drawn out. So using the instant replay, in my opinion, will make the game even slower! :(

MB said...

I just heard this AM about why the umps are using the replay. They couldn't see way out in the field anymore because of all of the distractions.
Anyway, that was the explanation given on ESPN.

Denis Hancock said...

I have to concede that balls that pass close to the foul pole are a real problem. Of course one would have to ask how many times that particular call was muffed.

Instant replay in 1985 would have ended the World Series in Game 6 with a Cardinals win. But it wasn't muffed calls that allowed the Royals to score 11 runs in Game 7.

All-in-all I'd have to say the umpires are a welcome part of the game. If they need a little help with the foul poles, then so be it.