Thursday, June 12, 2008

Interactive Assessment: The Hermeneutics Quiz |

Interactive Assessment: The Hermeneutics Quiz |

I saw this linked on Quotidian Grace's blog, and she had first seen it on Presbyweb.

This web site is part of the Christianity Today offerings, and provides a 20 question quiz that will assess your way of interpreting Scripture. For an internet quiz, this seemed to be well above the average, although by the 10th question I saw a pattern in how the answers were arranged (i.e. from conservative to progressive). The scores range from 20-100.

I scored 55, which is on the conservative side of moderate (which is pretty much where I see myself). There were two questions that may have skewed me a little toward the progressive side. I am opposed to the death penalty and I feel that God calls women to serve in all aspects of leadership.

This causes me to reflect a bit, and it also suggests to me that traditional labels may not be all that useful in defining Christians.


Quotidian Grace said...

Nice to see our scores were pretty close. Most of my readers reported scoring on the "progressive" side!

MB said...

Surprisingly I scored conservative on the quiz. But I am a member of a consevative Mennonite church.