Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Myanmar worried by new storm warnings -

Myanmar worried by new storm warnings -
"PATTAYA, Thailand (CNN) -- Survivors in cyclone-devastated Myanmar are bracing themselves for further hardship following warnings that more bad weather is imminent this week.

A 'significant' tropical cyclone is expected to form in the next 24 hours and sweep across Myanmar's largest city Yangon and into the Irrawaddy delta area -- the region worst affected -- according to the Joint Typhoon Warning Center."
The story is, perhaps, the most depressing one to come out of Myanmar. Little progress has been made on geting the food into the country and there are indications that the food just isn't getting to where it needs to go.

Now there is another cyclone expected to hit the affected area.

At this point, I would be willing to go with the suggestion proposed earlier by France: Just do it. This is one of the reasons for the existence of the United Nations, but if they can't (or won't) do what is needed, then perhaps other nations should.

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