Friday, November 02, 2007

Images: Comet bursts into view | CNET

Images: Comet bursts into view | CNET
"Last week Comet Holmes was just another fuzzball you could only see with a telescope--until it suddenly brightened a million times in a few hours. Now, you can easily see it with the naked eye, it's still expanding, and it has even changed color. ..."

When Comet 17P/Holmes was first discovered in 1892, it showed a magnitude change much like its 2007 visit to our neighborhood. Its orbital period is roughly 6.9 years, so it evidently does not traverse a major part of our galaxy.

If you can find the Big Dipper, you should be able to find
Comet Holmes over the next week or so.

All-in-all, this has been a pretty good season for interesting astronomical observations.


Stushie said...

I've enjoyed watching this for the past couple of nights, Denis. It makes me want to praise God even more.

Denis Hancock said...

I quite agree. Like the previous posting, these provide "Psalm 8" moments for me.