Friday, October 26, 2007

Gallery: Classy PC Cases Please the Distinguished Nerd

Gallery: Classy PC Cases Please the Distinguished Nerd:
"Custom computer cases tend to err toward the extreme -- extremes of weirdness, cleverness and neon. Be it sci-fi-themed cases that are out of this world, horror-inspired designs that result only in further horror, or Swarovski-studded bastards of bling, enough is enough. It's time to showcase the simple and straightforward, the tasteful products of real talent, to remind us that even when it comes to this most obsessive of pursuits, there's always room for subtle craftsmanship."
For those who like to tinker with the PC enclosures, here is a gallery of images of the best of the lot. As for me, well, it seems a little much. At least people are having fun with this.

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