Friday, March 30, 2007

Atheists Split Over Message -

Atheists Split Over Message -
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"BOSTON -- Atheists are under attack these days for being too militant, for not just disbelieving in religious faith but for trying to eradicate it. And who's leveling these accusations? Other atheists, it turns out.

Among the millions of Americans who don't believe God exists, there's a split between people such as Greg Epstein, who holds the partially endowed post of humanist chaplain at Harvard University, and so-called "New Atheists."
Epstein calls them "atheist fundamentalists." He sees them as rigid in their dogma, and as intolerant as some of the faith leaders with whom atheists share the most obvious differences. ..."

It's not surprising to read of this; much of today's theistic and atheistic debate centers on what most people would call "faith". God cannot be put under a microscope and quantified using the methods of science, but neither can the scientific method be employed to prove a negative.

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