Friday, December 01, 2006

Snowbound in Mid-Missouri

Well, the temperature outside is 13 degrees and falling, there are 12-14 inches of snow on the ground, The University of Missouri cancelled classes (but remains "open"), Interstate 70 is closed from Marshall to Kingdom City (about 70 miles), and the Missouri Department of Transportation has suspended its plowing operations in Boone County.

But through the magic of broadband, I can do work from home as easily as I can do it from my office. A blessing? Or a curse? We'll see how things turn out today.

This weekend is a Boy Scout campout (which I wasn't planning on attending anyway), but the overnight low is expected to be 3 degrees. We'll see if it gets postponed....

I'm just glad this didn't come last week when we were heading back to Columbia from Houston.


jim said...

Enjoy! My sister and brother-in-law live down there in Columbia also.

Up here in Cedar Rapids, we skipped all the snow.

Quotidian Grace said...

Whoa, Denis! That's some serious snow. I'm also glad you didn't face that storm on your way home.