Friday, October 06, 2006

Quotidian Grace: No More Limbo

Quotidian Grace: No More Limbo

Sometimes you read a post that figuratively kicks you in the stomach.

While many of us were amused by the recent announcement by the Roman Catholic Church that Limbo was not a valid doctrine, Quotidian Grace had an entirely different reaction.

You really need to go on over to her blog and read No More Limbo.

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Quotidian Grace said...

Thanks, Denis. I hadn't thought about this incident for a long time and the news really brought it all back to me.

Denis Hancock said...

Well, the phrase "theology matters" came to reality in what must have been a painful way.

Sola scriptura would have been good here...

Backwoods Presbyterian said...

Theology Matters a whole lot as we have seen. One of the hardest jobs a pastor has is convincing people that what you believe, why you believe it, and how that belief shapes your way of living is important. I often get into discussion with fellow seminarians about this. Some say Theology divides and therefore should not be a focus of the pastor. Others believe theology matters precisely because it divides. An interesting discussion definitely.

Denis Hancock said...

I hear a lot of "theology doesn't matter" and it seems to be to be an intellectually lazy way to approach theology. It certainly avoids the need to take a stand.

e.g. There are some issues where people can have different theological stands, and still consider each other fellow Christians -- like infant versus believer baptism.

There are others, like the resurection of Jesus where there is little leeway in belief. Or there is the basic question that ALL members of the PC)USA) must answer: "Who is your Lord and Saviour."

And there are non-Biblical beliefs like Limbo for unbaptised infants that cause unnecessary pain.