Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The Texas Renaissance Faire

On Sunday, Susan, Liam, and I arrived at the Texas Renaissance Faire a little before noon -- hungry and ready for some food. My first choice, haggis, was not to be had, which I thought was odd considering all the kilts in evidence. So I fell back to my usual renfest fare -- a smoked turkey leg. It was delicious, although I had a challenge keeping my camera out of the way of drippings. My wife had a "Scottish Egg", which was a hardboiled egg encased in sausage. The drinks were outrageously expensive, so I drank sparingly.

My parents met us at the gate, dressed in their period attire. I suppose Liam and I could have dressed in our mountain man attire, but though the cut of the shirts would have been appropriate, the gingham print would not have been. Besides, the flintlock rifle might have raised a few eyebrows...

The music was great. My youngest brother is a regular musician at this and other fairs, and it had been a few years since I had seen him in his native habitat. Liam was thrilled to see him in action again (it had been at least ten years since he'd seen him in Florida). I enjoyed his performance as well as that of a medieval group called Instanpitta.

The costuming ranged from street clothes, to meticulously researched attire, and most possibilities in between. Not all of it was historically accurate, but most of it was highly entertaining.

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