Monday, October 10, 2005

COGA report recommends closing Montreat historical facility

COGA report recommends closing Montreat historical facility:
"SACRAMENTO – A feasibility study considering the future of the Presbyterian Historical Society has concluded that it’s unlikely enough money could be raised to create a new center to study Presbyterian history in Montreat, N.C.

So the plan now is to consider creating such a center at Columbia Theological Seminary in Decatur, Ga. – it would be less expensive there – and to close down the Presbyterian Historical Society office in Montreat, which some Presbyterians have fought passionately to save over the last year...."

Our shared history as a denomination is always an emotional issue. The records Montreat has collected and maintained include records of over 1000 Sessions, Prebyteries, Synods, as well as private journals and family histories. These records come primarily from churches out of the PCUS tradition.

On thing that caused me to wonder was the expectation that some records would be stored in Philadelphia while others would be maintained at Columbia Theological Seminary.

Shouldn't such records be archived at one location?

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